Corporate History

Event: The Future of Canada’s Energy Assets and Infrastructure, Calgary, Canada
2014 Board of Directors Strategic Planning Session
Event: Access to Capital: Financing Energy Projects, Calgary, Canada
Event: Inaugural Alberta Green Energy Doors Open, jointly hosted by DEC and Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.
Collaboration: CTV2 Partnership launched to provide DEC members with Prime time television advertisements.
Training: DE Corporate Training Program. Two training modules delivered in one province.
Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC)
Members vote to transition back to a national, autonomous Canadian organisation and to transform into a Technology Accelerator.
Member Benefits redesigned according to member needs and survey feedback.
The Innovation to Commercialisation Program (I2CP) becomes the central service delivery program.
Collaboration: Associations Summit on Energy and the Environment, Calgary, Canada. Objective: To increase collaboration between industry associations and technology accelerators. Twenty participating organisations.
Training: DE Corporate Training Program. Three training modules delivered in two provinces.
2012 Board of Directors Strategic Planning Session
Event: Global Clean Energy Congress 2011, jointly hosted by WADE Canada and dmg :: events, Calgary, Canada.
Event: Gas Engine & Combined Heat Power Symposium, jointly hosted by EPS and WADE Canada, Toronto, Canada.
Training: Launch DE Corporate Training Program. Six training modules delivered in five provinces.
Collaboration: 2010 Guide to Decentralised Energy in Canada
Event: Quebec Clean Energy Strategy Session, Montreal, Canada.
Event: Alberta Roundtable on Energy Generation and Transmission Planning, Calgary, Canada.
6th Annual National DE Conference, jointly hosted by WADE Canada and Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI).
Collaboration: 2008 Western Canada Clean Energy Business Directory.
WADE Canada
Affiliation agreement signed between NewERA and the World Alliance for Decentralised Energy (WADE). WADE Canada emphasizes import and export capacity building.
Technology commercialisation becomes the main focus of the organisation and international partnerships prioritized as the means for supporting Canada’s competitive growth in terms of import and export markets.
5th Annual National DE Conference, Toronto, Canada
4th Annual National DE Conference, Calgary, Canada
3rd Annual National DE Conference, Calgary, Canada
Presentation to International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, France on Ontario Standard Offer Programs (RESOP)
Nine industry events hosted by NewERA helped us develop the largest multi-stakeholder network of DE practitioners in Canada.
2nd Annual National DE Conference, Calgary, Canada
NewERA strengthens national mandate and leads in the defragmentation of DE industry stakeholders through three industry focused networking and business development events.
Policy White Paper for Alberta Microgeneration Regulation
1st Annual Micro-Power Distributed Generation Workshop, Calgary, Canada The New Energy Resources Alliance (NewERA) founded following a facilitated
Workshop hosted by the Alberta Research Council.
New ERA established to accelerate aparadigm shift from a centralised, uni-directional energy model to a decentralised and bi-directional model. Business Plan developed by members with focus on four strategic objectives for the association:
  1. Building an interconnected cluster of DE providers
  2. Demonstrate, promote and encourage the potential benefits of DE within Canada.
  3. Assist in diversifying Alberta’s power supply to include distributed generation technologies (accounting for approximately 25% of the provincial capacity
    by 2012)
  4. Commercialisation of DE products and services (accounting for approximately $1 Billion in Sales by 2012)